Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I learned this week: #1

After just one week in Burkina, here's what I've learned:
1: Appropriate greetings in both French and Gourmachima and when to use them.
2: 500cfa equals 1dollar
3: Passion Fruit looks really nasty inside, but can take the edge off a hot day when eaten cold.
4:Mango trees make the best shade
5: The Mahadaga birthing center handles around 250 births a week, in a one room building smaller than my apartment.
6: The Centre has an average of 50 students in a classroom, while the private Christian school fits 100 students in a class.
7. Laughter is better than knowledge.
8. Burkinabe women DO work as hard as the ants, and are often seen carrying a basket more than half their height and weight on their head.
9: A smile can lower the language hurdle.
10: Nothing tastes sweeter than cool, clean, water

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