Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mangoes and Rain

Two things I brought with me from Virginia. Mangoes and Rain.

I seem to have found myself in the Mango Center of the world, and my special sweet treat from the US doesn't even compare to the delicacy that I have found here. And to them, its about as special as an apple. They laughed when I told them I brought mangoes with me. Oh well :)

The rain, however, has been most enjoyed. I tease when I say I brought the rain, of course, because we have prayed for rain in Burkina. Many of you have joined ,e in praying, and I'm happy to report that we had a nice down pour last night. It makes it more humid during the day, but what is momentary discomfort when compared to the life giving rain God has sent!

Many of you have asked about the sign language used here in Mahadaga. After just 2 days here, I'm surprised to report that the sign they use here is very similar to the ASL I have been using in America. By no means is it FLS (French) as I expected: it really can be termed nothing more that Burkina Sign Language. They have made it their own.

The heat is not unbearable, in fact I don't ,ind it at all. Granted, it is the wet season, and has rained here twice since I arrived, but I honestly think it is no hotter (or more humid) than Virginia in the dead of summer. So, I'll survive it, haha!

 Thats all for now,
Thank you for your prayers!

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