Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

No longer single.

I just overheard some coworkers discussing their singleness, and remembered my own days of bemoaning my state. Here I am, out of the dating world, married. At last! When thinking about single girls, I could echo the sentiments that I was told in those days...
"It comes when you least expect it."
"It'll be here before you know it."
"When it's right,it will come naturally."
These all seem to apply to me, but what I feel more compelled to communicate is this:
You may have to make a big change in order to get what you want.

I know these days we are supposed to tell girls they are great as they are, that they can believe in themselves and be proud of themselves. We tell them they are beautiful and mask pride under self respect. We teach them to love themselves first and not to listen to "negative voices".

What we forget to teach them is that sometimes the main problem barring them from what they want to attain lies within. Sometimes they are blind to their own flaws; causing trouble in their relationships, self image, and  personal growth. So let's do it now.

Ladies, don't be afraid to reach high, grow tragically, and do what is right despite all odds. If what you are doing isn't working, do something different. Look inside yourself, not for self-worth, but for immaturity, selfishness, stubbornness, and fears. Find them and destroy them, get rid of them. Don't blame the people around you. Don't blame the environment, your circumstances, your parents, the men in the world. Don't blame anything you have no control over.

Someday, you will wake up and look back and realize how much you've grown through this quest. And you won't feel you've wasted the time.