Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love like Dandelions

I know that when you read that word you probably thought "weeds" because for some reason, everyone thinks that about dandelions :) But I want to challenge that. Websters Dictionary defines the word "Weed" as "A plant that is not valued where it is growing". My goal here isn't to influence you all to let them ravage your lawns, but rather, I want to shed light on a reason why God may have put them there. If I succeed, you will learn to value the bright yellow flowers wherever you see them- thus removing them from the "weed" category :)

Let us consider first the line in Toby Mac's "Diverse City". The line is "And we'll spread this love like dandelions". What does he mean by this? Well, the dandelion is just one flower, but from its spot in the yard it can spread hundreds of seeds in the course of its life. It spreads seeds faithfully, like we Christians should be. Planting them in lives wherever we can. Not every seed sown will produce another dandelion, but many will. and through the work of a few dandelions, many will pop up the next morning in your yard! :) Next time you see that, resist the urge to be frustrated, and be challenged instead!

Now, what about the song titled "Dandelions" by Five Iron Frenzy? In that song, an analogy is proposed. Imagine a young boy in a field, gathering these yellow flowers and taking them to his delighted mother. Now, imagine us, wretched sinners gathering up all our goodness and taking it to our Heavenly Father. Its the same picture. One of love, and mercy. We think we present something of value, and He sees the love in our weeds! Remember this, also, when you see those bright yellow buds! God loves us, even in our wretchedness!

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  1. So, I realized that I haven't been getting email updates when you write something new on your blog....I realized that when I went to your blog for the first time since July and found, low and behold, several months of posts!!! What a treat!! Now I just need to figure out why my email wasn't updating me!