Friday, October 9, 2009

The Matt 18:3 Principle

I must warn you, this will not be a post of sage wisdom and Biblical theology. This is more of me gabbing about my dear sister, whom I love. I pray you are blessed :) It is also a call to duty, for older siblings, mentors, parents, educators, and role models (that includes you, whether you realize it or not). I have a 3 fold message tonight.

My sister and I have formed a habit (praise the Lord) of reading the Bible every night and praying. My first testimony about this Matt 18:3 principle is something I experience every night. We read the Bible together, and then whoever didn't read out loud turns the nights off. Then, laying in bed, just before I drift off, I hear this soft voice in the darkness, "don't forget to pray Coco". *Sigh* I wish I had a better memory, but I am so blessed with a sister who NEVER forgets and always encourages me in this direction. I encourage each of you to instill theses habits in the young ones in your life, because when they are older, they will not depart from the way you train them up when they are young.

Now, we have read much of the Bible over the past few years- truly incredible how much ground you cover at a chapter a day! We have read through much of the New Testament (possibly all of it, but I'm not sure) and Psalms and Proverbs, and in the past few month we have been working through the Old Testament. I think we may have started this cycle in 1 Samuel, picking up with Saul and his story. We have read through Saul, David, Solomon, and Reheboam and Jereboam who both just died. Why am I telling all of this? Well, just so you have a little background for the story I'm about to tell. The other day at dinner, my dad was sharing a bit of a lesson he was learning, and referenced one of these Old Testament stories, and couldn't remember the details. So who piped up with numbers, names and facts? Little Miss Katie. The smallest one at the table was the only one who had all the facts. Lesson number two for us mentors and role models is to never underestimate the amount those youngsters can learn! When you present scripture as fact, and keep their Biblical history fresh in their mind, imagine the impact they can have! It also challenges us to study more, doesn't it? Our old decrepit minds have to keep up, and be able to present the facts to our brothers and sisters, lest our testimony be weak!

At night as we wrap up our reading, and I put the bookmark in its place, she often begs me to read another chapter! I oblige her sometimes, but often I am so tired I can't. Imagine, though, if we had the same exuberance and excitement about the Word of God? I hope that each of you takes an extra moment or two to help the Word of God come alive to the young people in your life. As Gregg Harris says, there are two things in this world that are eternal- the Word of God, and the souls of man. No life spent bringing these two together will ever be spent in vain.

I hope you were encouraged by my sisters witness, and I admonish you each to speak anew into the life that is looking up to you. Be the wind that God uses to blow them towards Him.

"Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

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