Thursday, September 17, 2009

My True Love

I have found my Jesus to be the happiest Love of my life. He never leaves my side, and best of all, He helps me become better than I am. When the worries of this world distract me, my Jesus will woo me back to Him with a beautiful sunrise or a starry night. He takes extra special attention to make those yellow flowers blossom on the side of the road just so that I will smile when I drive by. He hid my shoes so I would walk to the driveway with my shoes off and feel the grass between my toes- just because He knows how much I love that  He knows exactly what I love, want, like and need, and he spares no expense to delight me!

Like a lover, He gallantly surrenders His life to those who would try to steal mine, just so I would be saved. He sends me love notes and messages via those around me (and the Bible) so I won’t ever forget Him. He holds my hand when I’m lost and brings me close when I’m scared. When I am so distraught I am bewildered and do not know what to do, He gently calls my name, puts His arms around me and carries me to the place I belong.

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