Monday, July 23, 2012

Teaching- through the eyes of a child

We've been working on surface area, so this afternoon I had Diaboundi and Bapougini work the same problem on two different sections of the blackboard, to try and figure it out. It was a compound shape, a rectangle with a right triangle on the side. A trapezoid, if you will. Bapougini ran back to quickly fix the units, and wanted to look like he was working when i took the picture :). You can see the pride on Diaboundi's face when they finally came up with the correct answer :)

Meet Diaboundi. This is a drawing of his family. He tells me which ones are dead, which ones live in Fada, and which ones live near here. He tells me that the 6 at the top, with no names or faces are for the family members he doesn't know. He says its difficult to remember them all. He writes their names below the ones he remembers. Most are just an initial, because Diaboundi is deaf and uses name signs for his family. He can write the family names though. He is a very bright student, and learns quickly. He is still 100% boy though.

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