Sunday, January 3, 2010


Last night I spent the night at a friends house, and we watched a few episodes of NCIS- truly my favorite tv show. I like alot of tv shows, but this one has been a favorite for the longest :)

So we watched 3 different shows (I loved every single one) and as I turned the tv, and the lights, off for the night, I realized there was a running theme... In the first show, a convicted criminal was presented with a deal to keep him out of jail. He lied, confessing to a murder he didn't commit. When the interrogator realized it, he yelled "Just tell me the truth!" In the second one, two parents were lying to protect their son, and ended up forcing a good friend to be investigated for the crime. These parents were urged to "just tell the truth". In the last show, two of the detectives were set against each other because one doubted the other's allegiance and commitment to the department. Their relationship was resolved when they finally were able to open up and be honest with one another.

Moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of honesty. It brings justice. It heals wounds. It unites families and friends. It protects from harm.

Telling the truth is always a powerful solution. Be open with those you love, tell them exactly what you are thinking, feeling and dealing with.

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