Sunday, November 8, 2009

HOP Team

Hey guys! My dance team at church did the most AWESOME worship performance this morning- and i think I've *finally* got this link to work! Click HERE to see the video!!


  1. well I was finally able to watch the video. Honestly I found it quite confusing. I got that you were trying to symbolize struggles and some form of battle? And if i can tell correctly Jesus wasn't symbolized till the last bit, besides people looking to Him. (this is what i was able to see atleast) The end Beginning with the valley moving on to the resurrection. I thought was awesome and conveyed quite well.

    In complete fairness I have never been the greatest fan of interpretive dance. So take what you can from the review.

  2. lol, thanks for being so encouraging :-P Hahaha, jk. If you had been there it would have been clearer, because the screen behind us interpreted our interpretive dance hahaha. Let me help you out- first is baby Moses, symbolized by his mother making a basket putting him on the water, and pharoah's daughter lifting him out. Second, you should have figured this one out, was David and Goliath. a stream on the side from which he pulls the stones, and goliath and the phillistines on the other side. Next was valley of the shadow of death. Then Rack, Shack, and Benny in the furnace on the side of the stage. Then Moses at the burning bush, Pharoah (where the furnace was in the last scene), and then the Red Sea being parted. Then Jericho, with Joshua marching around, while I solo randomness in center stage haha. Last Supper, then Garden of Gathsemane, Judas (me) kisses Jesus, he graps the cross, then he's put up on it, dies and is laid in the tomb. The cartwheel behind the tomb is the stone being rolled away, and he is risen from the dead.

    Get all that?