Thursday, May 24, 2012

STA Orientation Day 2

Today has been so informative. I honestly wish I were heading out today, instead of in a few weeks. I feel so ready, mentally and spiritually. Being around these people who have served God in countries all over the world makes me realize how unfounded my fears are. Burkina Faso is just a piece of land with people made in God's image, just like the USA. Another photo of my Burkina Faso sign, reminding me that I will soon be 5,136 miles from home. But, home is where your heart is, right? Well, my heart is with my Lord, so I guess in one sense, I'm always home, and in another sense, I won't be home till He comes back or He brings me to Him :)

Here is the chapel, where we started our mornings. I tell you what, I think life runs much better when we can worship and pray every morning with other believers. If I could sing better, I would sing during my devotions every day. (But I pity my parents, who might be wakened by the awful screeching below them at 5am!).

Here is the coffee, and the Kuerig, although its picture is sideways. These have been very important to me this week!

The beautiful decorations in the SIMUSA center. 

This is Kathy, who I got to have lunch with. She served in Burkina Faso for 20years and was able to pray with me and share with me about her time. What a blessing!

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