Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here's an old post, it encouraged me today, I hope it does the same for you.

So often lately, I have wrestled with prayer. I have struggled to quiet my heart and focus on the Lord. Then once I have quieted myself, I face the shocking reality that none of my words are worthy to be heard in the Holy of Holies; the Court of the Almighty. Why can't I think of something more original to pray? Why do I always sound so self centered and small-minded? In perspective of the whole world, can my personal needs, and my coworkers afflictions be worthy of presenting? Shouldn't I include all the others as well, with a much more sweeping "Save the lost, protect the weak, fight for the oppressed, and humble the proud"? Wouldn't that be more appropriate, and grand?

And then today, I read a small passage in Elizabeth Elliot's book "Keep a Quiet Heart".

"When I pray I am often preoccupied and distracted, aware that my efforts are feeble and seemingly quite useless, but the thought that those distinguished heroes [found in Hebrews 11] are to be perfected along with me changes the picture altogether and puts a new heart into me. Grand and mysterious things are in operation. We are not alone. My prayers are perhaps a single note in a symphony, but a necessary note, for I believe in the communion of saints. We need each other. The prayers of one affect all. The obedience of one matters infinitely and forever."
(emphasis added)

My prayers are not being heard alone, but rather it is a chorus of voices! I am joining together with all the saints to lift up our lost world to the Throne of Heaven. If I do not lift up my coworkers, who will? People need specific prayers. And the Lord will bless our efforts.

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  1. when I'm dealing with the aparent futelness of prayer something that helps me is the parable of the persistant widow (the first part of luke 18) The whole keep prsyining you arnt being ignored thing. Also David helps here we have a man who is favored by God (which if we look at his life, is itself an encouragement) but he has this book full of prayers. and he goes seemlessly from praising God in His goodness, to expressing "my God, my God why have You forsaken me" The fact that a faith warrior, himself has struggles with prayer lets us know we are most certainly not alone